dab display attention bits中文意思是什麼

dab display attention bits解釋

  • dab: vt 1 輕敲,輕拍;輕撫 (sth )。2 〈美俚〉在…上摁指紋印。vi 輕拍,輕敷;塗擦 (on at);(鳥)啄...
  • display: vt 1 顯示;展示,表現出。2 展覽,展出,陳列(商品等);展開(旗幟等),攤開(地圖等)。3 誇示,誇...
  • attention: n. 1. 注意,注目;留心,專心;注意力。2. 【軍事】立正。3. 〈pl. 〉 殷勤,厚待。4. 關照,禮貌。adj. -al
  • bits: 吃剩的食物

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  1. C try the on - screen adjustment menu. d pay attention to the light refection on the screen. if the display featuring with the light resistance, the text will become clear and it will be no need for any protecting shield

  2. Of display elements on a vdu ( say, a cursor or an error message ), to remove and replace at short intervals ( in order to draw the attention of an operator )

    指視頻顯示器上顯示象元(光標或錯誤信息)短間隙地消失再重現(以便引起操作員的注意) 。
  3. But please pay attention to the design of the inner packing. all the packages must be ready for window display

  4. Beautiful pictures taken at the rds in june by a photographer for the irish times enhanced our display. the video we presented, which mainly showed master s lecture in dublin, also attracted attention

  5. Today, liquid crystal, a new functional material, has been applied more and more widely. on the side of display, owing to stable frarne, absolute environmental protecting, save electric energy and no tire for user, liquid crystal display keeps ahead among the range of display. with the developing of the technology of liquid crystsl, lcd will must substitute for crt and become the chief in market. in additin, liquid crystsl light filers which have been used in optic communicatins and light information handling, emply th e technical of combining the birefringence of liquid crystsl and fabry - petrot - type cavity. they manifest a series of merit, such as narrow band wide, deterioration low, wide tuning domain, simple structure and low cost, so liquid crystal light filter draw attention of many country

    現在,液晶作為一種新型功能材料越來越得到廣泛的應用,在電子顯示裝置中,液晶顯示器以其畫面平穩、真正安全環保、省電和使用者不易疲勞等優點領先於顯示器的行列中。隨著液晶技術的發展,液晶顯示器將取代crt顯示器逐步成為未來市場的主流。此外,應用於光通信和光信息處理中的電調諧液晶濾光片,採用液晶材料的雙折射和電光效應與傳統f - p腔相結合,表現出窄帶寬、低損耗、調諧范圍寬、驅動電壓低、結構簡單、低成本等一系列優點,而日益受到各國研究部門的關注。