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  • deficiency: n. 1. 缺乏,不足,短缺。2. 缺陷。3. 不足額;虧空。
  • experiment: n 實驗;試驗;嘗試 (of) a scientific experiment 科學試驗,科學儀器設備。 a new experiment in ed...

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  1. The desired accuracy of the experiment can be set.

  2. The experiment showed that the method could identify acerose endogen weed correctly

  3. Aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome

  4. Although the available content of p in the soil was above the critical level, it showed deficiency in the greenhouse experiment, probably because of the strong adsorption by the soil, and the high requirement of the sorghum plants to p from the small volume of soil

  5. In this paper, we first analyze each factor of influencing threshing performance, and deficiency of all traditional methods such as single factor, orthogonal experiment, variance analysis and regression analysis, which have been used to study the threshing performance. in the basis of above analysis, we propose a new method of threshing performance modeling - a bp neural network. by use the new ways of threshing performance modeling - a bp neural network, we can obtain the optimum model of threshing performance, which can better describe the seed - husking plant ' s feature of complex nonlinear, multi - input - output and indefinite