deflationary spiral中文意思是什麼

deflationary spiral解釋

  • deflationary: adj. 通貨收縮的。
  • spiral: adj 1 螺旋形的,盤旋的,盤旋上升的。2 【數學】螺線的。n 1 螺旋形物。2 螺簧;【物理學】螺線。3 【...

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  1. Application of aortic angiography with 64 - slice spiral ct

  2. A neat solution of the quadrature problem can be achieved with the spiral of archimedes.

  3. Liang qi - chao believed that history is evolving constantly and the " evolution " is limitless ; it is progressive but has twists ; it is in a spiral ascendance rather than in a straight line

  4. This makes space telescope invaluable for identifying a rare class of pulsating stars, called cepheid variable stars embedded within m100 ' s spiral arms

  5. As a result, manufacturers will reduce production, and the economy may fall into a deflationary spiral

    結果,製造商減產,以至經濟進一步萎縮,形成通貨收縮(簡稱「通縮」 )的漩渦。