deflection wedge中文意思是什麼

deflection wedge解釋

  • wedge: n 1 楔,尖劈,楔形物;【幾】楔形。2 【冶金】高壓頂點。3 〈比喻〉可以逐漸擴大作用的開端。vt 用楔子...

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  1. You are asked to construct an ammeter to measure a current of 2 a at full scale deflection.

  2. Now that tast, as commented in a special review on tast, has had us see the aureole of god through the general effect of deflection or rotation of space - time, would it lead us to see the true face of god or comprehend the mind of god

  3. Development of the bainite friction wedge for meter - gauge freight cars

  4. In this dissertation, al - si / sicp composites brake rotor with diameter of 1200mm was firstly fabricated by a novel spray deposition technology, and simultaneously coupled brake pad was prepared by a novel dry - powder processing route, termed as two - step pressing process. a wedge pressing technology was developed to densify the as - produce al - si / sicp composite brake rotor

    本文首次採用噴射沉積技術制備了直徑達1200mm的al - si / sicp制動盤,同時採用二次壓制工藝制備出了配套的合成閘片,研究了制動盤的楔壓緻密化技術、機理,復合材料摩擦磨損性能及機理。
  5. In the other method, young ' s modulus, residual stress, and bending strength are characterized under a wedge tip by means of micro bridge deflection tests