delimiter set parameter中文意思是什麼

delimiter set parameter解釋

  • delimiter: n. 定義符,定界符〈表示一個數據單位開始或終結的字元,如磁帶上的這類字母〉。
  • set: SET =safe electronic transaction 安全電子交易〈指用信用卡通過因特網支付款項的商業交易〉。n 【埃...
  • parameter: n. 1. 【數學】參數,變數;參詞;參項。2. 【物理學】參量;(結晶體的)標軸。3. 〈廢語〉【天文學】通徑。vt. -ize 使參數化。

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  1. Based on a duralumin flexible beam with piezoelectric films attached, distributed parameter modal described by partial difference equations is builded, and then turned into a set of two order systems with the method of modal analyse. state feedback control and independent modal control is investigated. and simulation of the closed - loop system with thest two methods is performed in matlab

  2. Use the autoplay parameter and attribute to set whether the movie starts playing automatically when the page loads ( true ) or if the user needs to hit the play button to start the movie ( false )

  3. Recently professor shi, dongyang etc. have constructed a new 9 parameters triangular element and a new 12 parameters rectangular one by introducing bubble functions and double set parameter method [ 2 ]. it is proved that they are convergent to ( 1. 0 )

    石東洋教授等通過引進bubble函數和雙參數技術構造了新的9參三角形元和12參矩形雙參數元,我們分析了其對( 1
  4. 85 parameter : a syntax element of a sequence parameter set or a picture parameter set. parameter is also used as part of the defined term quantisation parameter

  5. Reference delimiter set