dichloropyrimidine dye中文意思是什麼

dichloropyrimidine dye解釋

  • dye: vt 染,染上,把…染色,給…著色。 dye a dress green 把衣服染成綠色。 A deep flush dyed her cheeks ...
  • ne: Ne =neon 【化學】氖。

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  1. A yellowish - red dyestuff obtained from the seed aril of this plant, used especially to dye fabric and to color food products such as margarine and cheese

  2. Traditional arts such as basket weaving, pottery, weaving and dye making are still prominent throughout the villages of botswana

  3. The ancient dyeing can be divided in three : batik ( wax dyeing ), tie - dye and board painting ( blueprinting )

    古代染纈分三種:蠟纈(蠟染) 、絞纈(扎染)和夾纈(蘭印) 。
  4. Total cost per month is about 23. 73 less than 1. 00 a day ! canned pet - food costs about the same, but contains low ash mg diets included diseased meat, euthanized pet cats and dogs, road kills, poultry feathers, sweepings from milling room floors, dirt, fecal matter, diseased organs from operations, fur, beaks, drugs, litter. all is then " denatured " with carbolic acid, fuel oil, and or kerosene, with added flavor dye

    以上食譜總費用約每月23 . 73加幣一天不到一元加幣與普通寵物罐頭食品的費用類似,但即使是低ash mg罐頭也含有病死因注射而死和路上軋死的動物寵物的肉,還有家禽羽毛加工廠廢渣污垢排泄物手術切除的病變器官動物皮毛鳥喙藥物垃圾,全部經石碳酸處理過,還有燃料油煤油調味料及色素!
  5. Borax carmine a dye used to stain nuclei for light microscopy