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  1. He is also a frequent contributor of original repertory through commissions from the devine conservatory for guitar in cardiff, california as well as arranger and orchestrator for the conservatory s recent performance with the san diego chamber orchestra

    他的作品透過加州cardiff的devine吉他音樂學校投稿,也經常出現于新曲發表會中。 naples博士同時也負責該學院與聖地牙哥室內樂表演的編曲和演奏。
  2. Ed, there ' s 300 very angry san diego - ites

    埃德,有300個火冒三丈的聖地亞哥… …
  3. In the midst of the fires, a san diego newspaper reported, this is the worst firestorm to hit these counties in thirty - three years

  4. Hypnotism is banned by public schools in san diego

  5. During the following years, he has sung in almost all major opera houses in the world, including the vienna state opera, salle garnier in paris, the new york metropolitan opera, the opera houses of munich, geneva, zurich, hamburg, san diego, las palmas, toronto, torino as well as all the other major theatres in italy. dongjian gong