distinctive feature matrix中文意思是什麼

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  • distinctive: adj. 1. 區別的,鑒別性的。2. 獨特的,有特色的。adv. -ly ,-ness n. 獨特性。
  • feature: n 1 形狀,外形;特色;(特指)好看的外表;〈pl 〉臉形;五官;面目,容貌,面貌,相貌。2 臉面的一部...
  • matrix: n (pl matrices 或matrixes)1 【解剖學】子宮;母體;發源地,策源地,搖籃;【生物學】襯質細胞;間...

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  1. A notable or distinctive feature or characteristic

  2. As a important incentive mchanism, executive stock option ( hereinafter short for eso ) has got a wide and successful application in the west countries. in recent years, this system has been introduced by some of our enterprises. they hope that this system can successfully solve our enterprises problem of inspiring managers, which has not solved in the past over 20 years reformation. a distinctive feature of modern enterprise is the seperation of the ownership and the managership

    作為一種重要的激勵機制,經營者股票期權( executivestockoption ,以下簡稱eso )在西方國家得到了廣泛而成功的應用。近年來,我國一些企業也紛紛引入eso制度,希望通過該制度來有效解決我國企業經歷了20多年的改革卻仍未從根本上解決的經營者激勵問題。
  3. Calling feudatorial soul a distinctive feature of anti - science trend appearing in china

  4. Distinctive feature : this article combines the theory of international foreign trade and the practice of our province. the most important, it puts forward some new trains of thoughts of our foreign trade managing strategy

  5. It also shows the distinctive feature of the macro - economy control system with the chinese characteristic are : china is in the transition period