diverse comprehensive intelligence中文意思是什麼

diverse comprehensive intelligence解釋

  • diverse: adj. 1. 不同的,別的。2. 形形色色的,多種多樣的。adv. -ly
  • comprehensive: adj. 1. 廣泛的,全面的,完整的,包含多的,綜合的。2. 有理解力的,悟性好的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • intelligence: n. 1. 智力,智慧,才智,聰明。2. 通知,消息。3. 情報,諜報,情報機構。4. (導引)信息,(瞄準)信號。5. 【宗教】 〈常pl. 〉神,天使。

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  1. Writing have the comprehensive function and expression of storing personal knowledge, emotions, intelligence and language ability. it is art important standard to measure the students " proficiency in language

  2. The thesis expounds in a novel and all - round way eight characteristics that quality military personnel of new type need to accomplish the requirements of the new military transformation, that ' s, comprehensiveness, compositeness, all - roundness, innovativeness, developmentalness, intelligence, openness, and applicability. under this model structure, to overcome the deficiencies in current personnel training concept, methods and system, the thesis originates a new personnel training concept characterized by people - oriented education, contents advancing with times, diversified methods, overall quality, and classified administration ; a new personnel training system characterized by comprehensive and optimized disciplinary specialties, overlapping courses, methods of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, scientific and rational assessment, and quality management integrating the objective with the course ; and a new personnel training measure strengthe

  3. A comprehensive safety evaluation system was developed to evaluate the reliability of hydraulic metal structures based on artificial intelligence with main influencing factors taken into account, and the structural framework for the system was also constructed

  4. Secondly, based on the diverse intelligence theories to proceed the school teaching and course reform, including setting up the teaching model of " teaching - investigating ", and constructing the curriculum model

  5. This paper roughly states the theoretical basis of the teaching - studying basis of classification and mobile classes. with the instructions of the theory of structure learning, the theory of multi - intelligence and the theory of teaching in accordance with students " aptitude, the author carries out research and exploration into the teaching practice of level c students in the classification, who are slow in learning. it mainly does some research on some principles, strategies and some teaching modes of level c in order to excavate the potentiality of different levels of students, improve students " comprehensive quality, foster students " initiative and then promote students " individual development by chemistry teaching