double polarization中文意思是什麼

double polarization解釋

  • double: adj 1 兩倍的,加倍的。2 雙的,二重的,雙重的;對,雙,兩,復。3 雙人用的;折疊式的。4 (意義)雙...
  • polarization: n. 1. 兩極分化。2. 【物、天】極化;極化強度。3. 【物理學】偏振(化)。

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  1. Double boiled abalone, conch & maw w yam & lycium chinense

  2. On the tiling ratchet actin ' s double feet moving model

  3. The development of the methods not only make sure that the urban vegetable product pollution control system is valid, exact and scientific, but also provide a sort of double secure affirmance for the urban vegetable product pollution control system

    該套方法的提出確保了城市蔬菜品種污染監控系統的正確性、準確性和科學性,為污染監控系統提供了「雙保險」 。
  4. The airbus a380 is a double - decker aircraft that holds 555 passengers

  5. The mechanism for optical storage in these materials has been attributed to a statistical reorientation of the azobenzene chromophors perpendicular to the polarization of the incident electric field of the pump laser beam. the photoinduced birefringence and holographic storage in methyl orange dyes ( mo ) doped polyvinyl alcohol ( pva ) films were reported firstly in this thesis. the relationship between the photoinduced birefringence and the dye content and pumping power was investigated by using the writing light of 532 nm ( double - frequency of nd : yag laser ) and the reading light of 632. 8 nm

    本文研究了甲基橙( mo )偶氮苯染料摻雜聚乙烯醇( pva )薄膜的光致雙折射和全息光存儲特性,利用yag激光2倍頻( 532nm )作為寫入光, he ? ne激光( 632 . 8nm )作為讀出光,研究含有不同染料濃度pva薄膜的光致雙折射特性,探討了光致雙折射和泵浦光功率的關系,實現了全息光存儲,所得光柵生長曲線包含快過程和慢過程,快過程以異構相位光柵的生長為主,慢過程以取向光柵的生長為主,對此實驗結果本文給出了合理的理論解釋。