drink with measure中文意思是什麼

drink with measure解釋

  • drink: vt ( drank; drunk 〈詩〉 drunken )1 飲,喝;喝乾,喝完; 〈 drink oneself〉 喝酒喝得…。2 舉杯祝...
  • with:
  • measure: n 1 尺寸,尺度,量,分量;【數學】測度;度量法;計量單位。2 量具,量器。3 (衡量)標準,準繩;程...

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  1. I have got a bottle of scotch. would you like to drink with me ?

  2. There is five period of getting drunk. first, drink with laughter. second, drink with sweet words. third, drink with aspiration. forth, drink with confused words. fifth, drink with no words

    41歡聲笑語(甜言蜜語(豪言壯語(胡言亂語(不言不語(醉酒五步曲) (酒杯雖淺,卻能把人淹死。 )
  3. You could sweeten your health drink with maple syrup, should you so require, or a bit of fresh lemon juice can also enhance the taste. a delicious and refreshing drink hot or cold

    取約8 - 10克,倒入350 - 500cc的熱開水,浸泡4 - 5分鐘即可飲用可回沖,如果讓自己的舌頭味蕾有不一樣的味道,可酌加檸檬片蜂蜜之類!
  4. I mean, i ' m thinking of having a drink with you one of these days

  5. The indormitable martial arts team of director chang cheh and stunt choreographer liu chia - liang bring the golden swallow of king hu s come drink with.