dry sea cucumber中文意思是什麼

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  • dry: adj 1 乾的,乾燥的;無水分的,干透了的。2 (井、河等)乾涸的,枯竭的;(氣候)乾旱的;無奶的;無...
  • sea: SEA = Southeast Asia 東南亞。n 1 海;海洋;內海;大(淡水)湖。2 〈pl 或與不定冠詞連用〉海面(狀...
  • cucumber: n. 【植物;植物學】黃瓜;〈美國〉銳葉木蘭。 (a) sea cucumber 海參。 (as) cool as a cucumber1. (令人感到爽快地)冰涼的。2. 極冷靜地,沉著地。

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  1. In the waters of the fiji islands, an emperor shrimp and a commensal crab nearly vanish in the calico pattern of a large leopard sea cucumber

  2. A sea cucumber, startled by the alvin, forms a question mark as it hurries away.

  3. Hotel dining 3 f - 4 f dynasty palace chinese restaurant : include 15 vip rooms, swallow nest, ormer, abalone, sea cucumber, fin, delicious cantonese food, dalian seafood, sichuan flavor and shandong cuisine, it can contain 400 persons at the same time

    3 - 4層王朝宮中餐廳:包含15間vip包房,推出燕鮑參翅,精美粵菜,大連海鮮,川魯風味,可同時容納400人就餐5層chimney日餐廳:東瀛風情,日本料理5層香洲西餐廳:提供國際美食系列,早晚自助餐。
  4. The most representative hunan dish is general tso s chicken, a combination of raw hot peppers and wok - fried chicken pieces. other specialties of the house include " noble ham " with honey syrup, sliced sea bream soup, braised sea cucumber with oyster sauce, and swallow s nest with pea soup. the menu changes every four months, so there is always something new for customers to try

  5. Maricultural technologic regulation of sea cucumber. seedling