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  • economy: n. 1. 經濟。2. 節約。3. (自然界的)法理,秩序,過程;組織;有機體。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • force: n 1 力,勢。2 體力,氣力,精力,魄力。3 暴力,壓力;兵力,武力。4 〈pl 〉 部隊,軍隊,兵力。5 勢...

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  1. All of the nations of the world, for realistic as well as spiritual reasons must come to the abandonment of the use of force.

  2. Want to treat specific condition, belong to like the circumstance solid, have abecedarian evidence, can investigate a branch to inform against to economy of public security mechanism, investigate by them, sue, can ask in lawsuit capital of pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken

  3. The economy of that country quickly atrophied

  4. Since 1970 ' s, the economy of chinese people is quick to grow and have become after north america, europe and japans of “ the fourth economic forceof the world. the attention of the international management circles also be changed to chinese businesses from japanese businesses in the beginning

    上個世紀70年代以來,華人經濟迅速崛起,已成為繼北美、歐洲和日本之後的世界「第四種經濟強權」 ,國際管理學界的注意焦點也開始從日本企業轉向華人企業。
  5. Since reforming and opening - up, not only gdp keeps growing at top speed for a long time in our country, but also foreign trade has been keeping high - level and increasing continuously all the time, the international competitiveness of the products is strengthened day by day, the imported and exported commodities are diversified day by day, constant enlargement opening to the outside world and participating in the international division in an all - round way are already becoming strong motive force of promoting the economy of our country to develop continuously fast