enclosed type motor中文意思是什麼

enclosed type motor解釋

  • enclosed: 被附上的
  • type: n 1 型,類型,(工業產品的)品種;風格,型式。2 典型,榜樣,樣本,樣板,模範,範本;典型人物;具...
  • motor: n 1 原動者;原動力。2 發動機;馬達;電動機;【火箭】助推器;汽車。3 【解剖學】運動肌;運動神經。a...

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  1. The voltage transformer is fully enclosed type the iron core is piled up of the cold roll silicon steel sheet. the iron core, primary and secondary windings are casting resin by advanced vacuum carting equipment. it has a good ability of antipollution and moisture proof. the secondary outlet is wrapped by outlet box with three exits with different directions. it, s convenient. it can prevent from stealing electricity

  2. An enclosed boxlike motor vehicle having rear or side doors and side panels especially for transporting people

  3. The department also ensures that enclosed type vehicles with air - conditioning device are used for transporting meat to retail outlets to enhance meat hygiene

  4. Drop - proof type motor

  5. Axial plunger type motor