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  • materialism: n. 【哲學】唯物主義;唯物論;實利主義;【美術】寫實主義。 dialectic(al) materialism 辯證唯物主義。 historical materialism 歷史唯物主義。
  • ic: 1. integrated circuit 【無線電】積體[集成]電路。2. interior communications 內部通訊聯絡。

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  1. So the theory of the thoughts and the activities, the changes in the antilogy of bernstein were investigated in detail, on the basis of the historical materialism and the dialectical materialism, to make the impersonal and right judge to bernstein in the years of 1880 - 1895. there are two parts of preface and text in this article

    因此,本文將在堅持歷史唯物主義和辯證唯物主義的立場和方法的基礎上,以他在1880 ? 1895年間的思想理論和實踐活動作為主線,對伯恩施坦在這一階段的思想理論、實踐活動以及思想變化進行研究,以期對1880 ? 1895年間的伯恩施坦做出客觀公正的評判。
  2. Reestablishing practical materialism and axiology

  3. He continually criticized england for its crass materialism.

  4. Oyzerman on dialectic materialism to be continued

  5. From the point of view of historical materialism, " it ( self - discipline ), as social morals, can only mean an organic unification of self - discipline with heteronomy. " ( marx ' s statement )

    歷史唯物主義的基本觀點主張: 「作為社會道德,它只能是他律與自律的統一。 」