exchange of letters中文意思是什麼

exchange of letters解釋

  • exchange: vt 1 (以某物與另一物)交換,調換 (for) 2 互換,交流,交易。3 兌換。 vi 1 兌換 (for) 2 交換;...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • letters: 編讀往來

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  1. Erect aerial roots arising from cable roots to facilitate gaseous exchange of the roots of some mangrove species ( e. g

  2. Such an assay does not preclude the direct exchange of serine and glycerol phosphate.

  3. I have a batch of letters to answer.

  4. The fourth artist fair continues the mission of inheritance and exchange of visual art, and represents the broadness of sharing and closeness of coherence

  5. Five persons were charged for alleged conspiracy to defraud the stock exchange of hong kong and several banks in relation to the listing of a company and applications for letters of credit totalling over 290 million respectively