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  • extended: adj. 1. 伸開的,展開的。2. 延長的,繼續的。3. (勢力)擴大的;擴張的;(意思)引伸的。4. 【印刷】(鉛字)寬體的。
  • to: adv 到某種狀態;〈特指〉到停止狀態;關閉。 ★也常和動詞結合,略去其後賓語,而構成成語: The door i...

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  1. But their opening hours have been extended to 7pm on weekdays except cheung chau and mui wo. the office of the licensing authority counter handling applications for hotel and guesthouse accommodation, bedspace apartments, clubs and karaoke establishments, opens from 8. 45am to 6pm on weekdays. the civic education resource centre and youth resource centre under the

  2. Testing parameters include tetracyclines, chloramphenicol, - lactams, sulfonamides, streptomycin, dihydrostreptomycin, and trimethoprim. monitoring of the veterinary drug residues in milk imported from the mainland was extended to cover the remaining chemical residues controlled under the final phase implementation of the harmful substances in food regulations on 31 december 2003

  3. If the date of expiry happens to be a holiday, the validity is automatically extended to the next working day.

  4. His sentence is only very short in the beginning, but due to his repeated escape attempt, it is extended to an eight year imprisonment. when he and his inmate jae - pil sol kyung - gu have finally managed to break out, they soon discover that they are on the special pardoned release list. . the whole plot is farcical and silly yet highly entertaining and humorous

    后來,他和獄友jae - pil薛景求終能成功逃獄,卻發現自己原來將獲特赦出獄,於是兩人唯有用盡辦法再次偷偷走回監獄整個故事的過程都非常癡線,但拍得抵死過癮,不脫加片影子。
  5. The investigation was extended to the study of a three-dimensional granular medium.