音標 ['fæbrik]
n. 名詞 1. 構造物,建築物;工廠;結構;(社會等的)組織;【地質學;地理學】組構。
2. 編織品,織物;纖維品;織法;質地。
adj. 形容詞 -able 可成型的,可塑造的。


    1. It was the most elegant chamber in the flat, for it was hung with some light - colored fabric and contained a cheval glass framed in inlaid wood, a lounge chair and some others with arms and blue satin upholsteries

    2. Determination of antistatic performance for fabric conditioners

    3. A yellowish - red dyestuff obtained from the seed aril of this plant, used especially to dye fabric and to color food products such as margarine and cheese

    4. The company, in order to improve the key competitiveness of the products, the chain not merely devoted to the brand joins management, furnish a huge amount of money for building the production industrialized countries of about 35000 square meters at the same time, adopt the most advanced production equipment and high - quality fashion surface fabric imported, set up the research and development centre of the products and strong team of research and development of products of the battle array in hong kong at the same time, successively set up the products and developed and ground the room in hong kong, fuzhou, guangzhou, developed experience and succeeded in making the famous designers of a lot of brands to design meticulously for many years, the style of its product reflects the fashion of world, depart in order to make the flagship of fashionable women ' s clothing in 21st century

    5. China textile limited project located in china ' s jiangsu " breadbasket " - - the jiangyan city. current domestic production of various kinds of acrobatic yarn - dyed fabric after dyed fabrics and professional manufacturers