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  • fatigue: n 1 疲乏,勞累;勞苦;累活。2 【機械工程】(金屬屢經打擊等后的)疲勞。3 【醫學】(組織、器官等對...
  • limit: n. 1. 界限,界線;邊界。2. 極限,限度;限制。3. 〈pl. 〉范圍,范域。4. 限價;限額;賭注限額;獵物限額。vt. 1. 限制,限定。2. 減少。adj. -able
  • test: n 1 檢驗,檢查;考查;測驗;考試;考驗。2 檢驗用品;試金石;【化學】試藥;(判斷的)標準。3 【化...

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  2. The existed material fatigue performance test curves are dealt with and analyzed, and the non - dimensional stress - strain curve, tangent modulus factor curve and fatigue life curve are drawn based on the experiment data, and these three non - dimensional parameter curves are used to find the inherent rules that the test curves can be replaced each other to some extent. it can be concluded that if the common character and system error of these materials are found, the test curve of a certain material can be used for reference by another material. this is a simple approach about fatigue life estimate and is engineering practical

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  4. Based on stress concentration coefficient, fatigue notch coefficient, fatigue limit and range of allowed stress are obtained

    在k研究工作的基礎上,求得相應的疲勞缺口系數k _ f ,進而推定高強螺栓的疲勞極限應力幅及其允許應力幅。
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