fiducial temperature中文意思是什麼

fiducial temperature解釋

  • fiducial: adj. 1. 【測】基準的。2. 有信仰的。3. 可靠的,信用的。
  • temperature: n. 1. 溫度,氣溫。2. 體溫。3. 〈口語〉發燒,高燒。

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  1. 2 the theoretical values of the second virial coefficient are precisely fitted into some simple expressions. according to one of them, a new temperature function for the quadratic terms in cubic equations was derived : the function is simple, general, without acentric factor, truly predictive, theoretically sound, and applicable to all the van der waals - type equations

  2. The results indicated that the synthetic mviia was reduced and oxidized in a buffer containing acetamide / guanidine hydrochloride by air oxidization in the room temperature and obtained a relatively well oxidization result, the synthetic mviia showed 100 % of physiological activity of native mviia, but obtained 1 % product of synthetic crude peptide

  3. The effects of abdominal breathing on cardiovascular reactivity and finger temperature

  4. Kelvin is the unit for the absolute temperature scale. one kelvin is equal to one degree celsius. however, the absolute temperature scale is shifted by 273

    絕對溫度是科學界最通用的溫度單位,只要將它減去273 ,便可轉化為攝氏度,例如絕對溫度300度,相等於攝氏27度。
  5. The absolute temperature changes, however, are from 5 to 14 times greater than would be expected on the basis of carbon dioxide " s own ability to absorb infrared radiation, or radiant heat