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  • first: adj 1 最初的,最早的。2 最上等的,第一流的。3 基本的,概要的。4 高音(調)的。n 1 最初,第一;第...
  • stage: n 1 講臺;舞臺;戲院,劇場;〈the stage〉戲劇,戲劇藝術;戲劇文學;〈the stage〉戲劇業;劇壇。2 ...
  • construction: n 1 建築,結構,構造,架設,鋪設;建設;設計;工程;建築法,構造法,建築物;【戲劇】搭置,布景,...

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  1. According to the situation of china, the generalization should follow these two steps : the first is test - product stage. the main task of first stage is to impolder high - equality and costly wood - frame - construction house, focusing in depth on the sufficent - ability consumers

  2. On the whole we can divide the evolution of party " s intellectual policy to three stages. in the first stage, the party put forward the policy of " solidarity, education -. renovation " for pre ? evolution intellectual and positively practiced the police from the aspect of operations arranging, political terms of employment, thought reform. . etc. along with the changing of intellectual troops " condition and completely launch of the socialist construction, the party proposed a guideline of " double 100 " and made a important modulation to the intellectual policy, which inaugurated a new situation for our intellectual performance ; in the second stage, the party ' s intellectual policy come through a zigzag process

  3. In light of the special natural conditions and project layout characteristics of xiangjiaba hydropower station, a stage diversion scheme with the left bank being closed at the first stage and the right bank closed at the second stage has been selected through comparison of several schemes under the consideration of the aspects such as construction layout, late - stage flood control, navigation during the construction, and the construction period before the commissioning of the first hydropower generating unit

  4. By the end of 1998, 213 capital works contracts had been included in the pfss and 36 contracts in the first stage of the isas. enhanced safety training was provided to construction workers

  5. The author also points out that constructing the operation data store ( ods for short ) for the enterprise is the core of the first stage of construction. the system can refine and integrate the sharing data by using ods

    並指出構建企業的操作數據存儲( ods )是系統第一階段建設的核心,依靠ods對企業中的共享數據進行提煉、整合。