• flat: n 1 〈英罕〉地板;(房屋的)一層。2 一套房間;〈pl 〉分宅公寓〈美國高級公寓叫 apartment house〉。...
  • blade: n 1 (殼、草等的)葉片,葉身,葉。2 刀片;(安全)剃刀刀片 (= razor blade); 刀口,刃;刀,劍;...


  1. A conclusion is reached that the surface porous metal plate excels flat metal plate at equivalent absorptivity on the same condition

  2. South african shrub having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers ; leaves are aromatic when dried and used to make an herbal tea

  3. Fracture analysis for rotor turbine blade in aero - engine

  4. Apply computer chip to control the circuit ; omron opto - elecrtonic control - ler and panasonic and mitsubishi inverter have stable performance, high precision, rapid reaction and long life - span ; the controlling plate applies tactile operation board which is handled easily ; vertical structural screen is easy to adjust the vertical printing pressure so as to ensure the quality of printing ; the frame lift is driven by electrical motor and installed with imported linear guide rails, of which the speed - adjust device, scraper and scraping blade can be adjusted within15 to 45 and can be set for many times so as to repeatedly printing with good precision and output, the flat bed is made of 2mm stain - less steel plates which are flat, smooth and indeformable ; it is also equiped with micromatic setting device in order to ensure the precision of multi - color overprint and auto air - intake device to ensure strong adsorption

  5. Remove the # 1 check module ( figure c ) by inserting two flat blade screwdrivers into the slots on either side of the check module and gently pry the check module toward the open zone

    將兩把平頭螺絲刀插入到止回閥模塊的每一側,輕輕的將止回閥模塊朝開口處撬,用此方法拆卸1號止回閥模塊(圖c ) 。