forecasted flow中文意思是什麼

forecasted flow解釋

  • forecasted: forecast的過去式和過去分詞
  • flow: vi 1 流,流動。2 (血液等)流通,循環。3 流過;川流不息;(時間)飛逝;(言語等)流暢。4 (衣服、...

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  1. 3. the mathematical model for heat and mass transfer in the adsorbent bed is established, the porous of adsorbent, the flow of adsorbate in adsorbent, the characteristic of non - equilibrium adsorption are combined in the model, and a more accurate model of fluid flow in porous media - ergun model is adopted

  2. The progress in recent years on general theory of ecologization for river engineering is summarized ; serial discontinuity concept, environmental flow methodologies and ecological - hydraulic engineering are expounded in detail ; problems existing in current research and distinction between home and abroad are analyzed ; direction for future research on ecologization for river engineering is forecasted

  3. 4. the general goal, the principle, and the restraint condition of the transit network optimization are introduced, the method to obtain the transit network optimization is discussed by using transcad on the base of the forecasted passenger flow result, and the network optimization adjustment scheme of the changsha county

    4 .介紹了公交線網優化的一般目標、原則和約束條件,在客流預測結果的基礎上,探討利用transcad來實現公交線網優化的方法,並以長沙縣縣城公共交通規劃為依託工程進行說明。
  4. Usually, in trip distribution, a new flow matrix is forecasted based on estimates of future productions and attractions and measurements of current flows or measurements of the generalized cost of each trip

  5. The traditional design method of propellers is calculating the surface of propeller from table of offsets, which is low - precision and time - consuming. the dynamic flow performance could n ' t be forecasted by this method