fox berry中文意思是什麼

fox berry解釋

  • fox: n 1 福克斯人〈美國的一支印第安人〉。2 福克斯語〈福克斯人、索克人等所操的阿爾袞琴語〉。n 1 福克斯...
  • berry: n. 1. 漿果〈如草莓等〉。2. (咖啡等的)子,干種子,乾果仁。3. (魚等的)子,卵。4. 〈美俚〉一塊錢 〈pl. 〉 〈美俚〉錢,上等東西。vi. 1. 結出漿果。2. 採集漿果。

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  1. Unlike edison ' s new york plant which used steam power to drive its generators, the appleton plant used the natural energy of the fox river

  2. Arbutus - berry, competition, morality, silk

  3. The results of his experiments were, among other plants, an especially strong cherry tree; a black berry plant without thorns; and a larger, sweeter and smoother raspberry.

  4. But what with the murky light, the botchy print, the tattered cover, the jigjagged page, the fumbling fingers, the fox trotting fleas, the lie a bed lice, the scum on his tongue, the drop in his eye, the lump in his throat, the drink in his pottle, the itch in his palm, the wail of his wind, the grief from his breath, the fog of his brainfag, the tic of his conscience, the height of his rage, the gush of his fundament, the fire in his gorge, the tickle of his tail, the rats in his garret, the hullabaloo and the dust in his ears, since it took him a month to steal a march, he was hard set to memorize more than a word a week

  5. Deep brick red , the tightly structured cabernet sauvignon, displaying scents of blackberries and mint with flavours of dark berry fruit, savoury oak