fretz-moon method中文意思是什麼

fretz-moon method解釋

  • fretz: 弗雷茨
  • moon: n 1 月 月球 月亮。 ★ 1 語法上常作女性處理。 2 形容詞是 lunar。2 〈詩〉(一個)月 太陽月;〈詩〉月...
  • method: n 1 方法,方式;順序。2 (思想、言談上的)條理,規律,秩序。3 【生物學】分類法。4 〈M 〉【戲劇】...

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  4. According to the practice of the process of design performance system for china telecom xian branch, bsc has been introduced into performance management to certain the performance assessment element by made the indexes of finance / benefit, service / operation and develop all get together. then use the method named value tree tc make the enterprise strategy mission decomposed to every department and post, establish the system of performance management index by select kpi, and use moon chart to estimate the weight of index in order to ensure assessment emphasis. the last but not the least important is sign a performance agreement with every person, to achieve two - way communicate of performance objective and make personnel grow with enterprise

    在進行績效管理體系設計的過程中,引入「平衡計分卡」 ,確定該企業績效考核評價要素,使財務效益類指標與服務經營類、學習成長類指標相結合;使用「價值樹」方法,將該公司的總體戰略指標分解到各個部門、各個崗位;通過關鍵績效指標( kpi )的選擇,建立了部門和個人的績效考核指標體系;採用「月亮圖」法確定指標權重,明確崗位考核重點;最後,以逐級簽訂「績效協議」的方式,實現企業績效目標雙向溝通、企業與員工發展共進的績效管理目標。
  5. The article also establishes the operation process of the imc of jiahe moon cake and studies the seven concrete methods to integrate, including usp, media mix, merchandising system, affairs marketing, to mold expert " s image, and so on. in addition, it introduces a new marketing method into the moon cake industry, a method that combines oem with mass customization