front end angle ring中文意思是什麼

front end angle ring解釋

  • front: n 1 前部,前面;正面;(劇場的)正面[前面]座位〈也可指全部觀眾席位〉 (opp back rear)。2 【軍事...
  • end: n 1 端,尖,末端,終點。2 邊緣;極點,極限。3 結局,結果。4 目的。5 最後,死。6 【紡織;印染】經...
  • angle: n 【英史】盎格魯人〈cf Angles〉。n 1 角,隅,角落;棱,嬗角。2 【數學】角,角位,角的度數。3 【機...
  • ring: n 1 圈,環,輪;戒指,指環,耳環,鼻圈,鐲子(等);【運】吊環。2 輪狀物;【植物;植物學】年輪;...

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  1. The front end is equipped with hydraulic jacks used for grade adjustment.

  2. The front end of the phantom drophead coup is more streamlined than that of previous rolls - royce cars

  3. The experimental result expresses that the frequency doubler - power amplifier sets of ka - band can supply good local oscillation source for " millimeter - wave front - end of " lmds " ". the model has the advantages of low cost, small size and high reliability

  4. Triple stitching on front, end lock stitch on armhole must be place on the hidden part of the sleeve seam, as noted it is place on front.

  5. Based on the analysis of the cost and the income of well stimulation front economic angle, the best opportunity to implement the well stimulation and an output model of measure end point were given