n. 名詞 1. 【音樂】小提琴的 G 弦。
2. (系在腰上遮蓋外陰部的)兜襠布〈為美洲印第安人和脫衣舞表演者所穿用〉。

  • g: 1. generator. 2. German. 3. Germany. 4. giga 十億。5. Gossypium 棉屬。6. grid. 7. Gulf. 8. 【軍事】 gun.
  • string: n 1 線,帶,繩子;〈美國〉鞋帶〈又作 shoe string, 〈英國〉稱 shoe lace〉。 (穿線、數珠等的)串...
  1. Theorem 4. 5 if locally soluble group g is c * ( w ) - group, then the chief factor of g is elementary abelian

  2. Samara a nut or achene whose pericarp is extended to form a wing for wind dispersal, e. g. ash ( fraxinus excelsior )

    翅果:指堅果或瘦果中果皮延伸成翼狀,以利於風媒傳播的果實類型。如白蠟樹的果實(歐洲白蠟樹) 。
  3. It contains more then 4, 000 chemicals which includes poisons and carcinogens. e. g. tar, nitcoine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, dimethylnitrosamine, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and acrolein. the u. s. environment protection agency has classified secondhand smoke as a group a carcinogen

    二手煙霧含有4 , 000多種的化學粒子和氣體,當中還包括了焦油、尼古丁、苯並芘等粒子,以及有毒氣體如一氧化碳、亞摩尼亞、甲醛、丙烯醛等。
  4. Dna sequence can be seen as a character string including a, g, c and t which are like binary code " 0 " and " 1 " in computer science. hence, strands of dna are just sequences over the alphabet

    Dna鏈可看作由四個不同符號、 、和組成的串,它在數學上就像計算機中的編碼「 0 」和「 1 」一樣,可表示成四個字母的集合來譯碼信息。
  5. My wife is kathy. the blue g - string