• decanter: n. 1. 有玻璃塞子的圓酒瓶。2. 潷析器。


  1. Filled with janneau armagnac 42 % extra in a pyramid decanter with a removable bronze “ collectors ” medallion

    內置42 %珍露特級雅文邑,金字塔形水晶瓶並配有可移動的銅制「收藏家」字樣的獎章。
  2. The amount of wine in the decanter did not promise to sustain the starry roof of night.

  3. " down - stairs in the decanter.

    「在樓下的玻璃樽里。 」
  4. Mrs linton, on the third day, unbarred her door, and having finished the water in her pitcher and decanter, desired a renewed supply, and a basin of gruel, for she believed she was dying

  5. The doctor then slowly poured some drops of the lemonade from the decanter into the cup, and in an instant a light cloudy sediment began to form at the bottom of the cup ; this sediment first took a blue shade, then from the color of sapphire it passed to that of opal, and from opal to emerald