gothic cathedral中文意思是什麼

gothic cathedral解釋

  • gothic: adj 1 哥德人的,哥德族的;哥德語的。2 〈有時作 g 〉中世紀的,野蠻的,粗鄙的。3 【建築】哥德式的。...
  • cathedral: n. (英國教會等設有主教座位的)總教堂,大教堂(=cathedral church);大聖堂,大會堂。adj. 1. (像)大教堂的。2. 莊嚴的,權威的。

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  1. The a-frame pylon harmonizes with the tall spires of the adjacent cathedral.

  2. Continental or buffet breakfast daily. half day sightseeing : enjoy views of arc de triomphe, louvre, eiffel tower, champs elyses and notre dame cathedral on the ile de la cit

  3. Paris, famous for its museums, romantic cafes, ambitious leaders, and rococo style buildings, has been visited by millions of tourist each year. today, we will show you why people fall in love with paris by taking you to the world famous museum of louvre, arc de triomphe, champs elysees, place de la condorde, river seine, eiffel tower, notre dame cathedral, les invalides

  4. We start out our tour with a visit to piazza michelangelo, and then follow the river arno to the piazza signoria and the medieval city hall, onto the multi - colored marble grand cathedral - duomo, with the giotto campanile and the magnificent east door of the baptistery known as the gate of paradise. after lunch, drive southward to the medieval city - state of siena

  5. This new vision of urban space was realized in the superb square known as piazza pio ii and the buildings around it : the piccolomini palace, the borgia palace and the cathedral with its pure renaissance exterior and an interior in the late gothic style of south german churches