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    3. Differences among european commissioners involve the finnish commissioner for industry, erkki liikanen, who has responded to objections from his country s paper and pulp industry, and the german commissioner for enlargement, guenther verheugen, who has received objections from the german industry organization, bdi. the objections centre on proposals for emissions trading - a measure specifically included in the kyoto protocol to satisfy industry and economic concerns

      歐盟委員之間出現的分歧包括:芬蘭造紙業及木材業向工業專員erkki liikanen發出反對聲音德國工業組織德國聯邦工業聯合會亦向德國專員guenther verheugen提出抗議,他們主要反對由京都氣候協議的排放量配額條款,該條款乃為滿足工業和經濟需要而特別制定。
    4. Eu industry commissioner guenther verheugen said asia was increasingly offering hotels and other facilities of better quality

    5. We have so many questions about these plants remarks guenther stotzky a soil microbiologist at new york university. there ' s a lot we do n ' t know and need to find out

      「我們對這類作物有太多的疑問, 」紐約大學土壤微生物學者史達茲基說, 「我們不知道的多著呢,必須找出答案來。 」