n. 名詞 居住者,居民。
n. 名詞 〈法語〉1. 講法語的加拿大人(又指魁北克鄉村地區講法語的居民)。
2. 美國路易斯安那州的法裔農民。


    1. In october 2001, hangzhou was selected for the habitant scroll of honour award by united nations center for human settlement

    2. The project ppta team thinks there is great potential to develop sustainable forest utility models such as analog forests, and to restore natural habitant in the en situ area

    3. This thesis gives some research on chongqing city ' s population data by several models, which reveals the population problem. the last chapter analyzes the temporary habitant population by the statistics methods

    4. The green environment of blue sky and crystal water, beautiful scenery, warm and humid climate, fresh and clear air, profound historic culture, well - known yangzhou table delicacies, complete commercial and habitant facilities and careful health service have made gaoyou an ideal city for starting a undertaking, studying and living

    5. From transportation planning, forestation and water body organization, outdoor setting designing to room dimensions, spatial order arrangement, function designing, possibility of transformation and habitant participation, the principle of pro - human should be implemented through out all the procedures