n. 名詞 1. 普通乘用的馬或挽馬;出租馬。
2. 出租馬車;出租汽車。
3. 作苦工的人。
adj. 形容詞 1. 出租的,被僱用的。
2. 陳腐的,平常的。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 出租(馬、馬車等)。
2. 濫用,虐使;用舊,使變陳腐。


    1. He did trace them easily to clapham, but no farther ; for on entering that place they removed into a hackney - coach and dismissed the chaise that brought them from epsom. all that is known after this is that they were seen to continue the london road

    2. Muttered villefort, saluting the minister, whose career was ended, and looking about him for a hackney - coach

    3. But ken daniels who teaches plumbing at london ' s hackney community college, said : " plumbers at the very top end are earning around 150, 000 a year

      而在倫敦哈克尼社區大學教授水管維修課程的肯丹尼爾斯則說: "最頂尖的水管工人年收入能達到15萬英鎊。
    4. Public courses range from master classes in museums to special saturday classes for economically disadvantaged schoolchildren from hackney, southwark and further afield

    5. On his first inquiry he was told, with the impertinence peculiar to hired hackney - coachmen and inn - keepers with their houses full, that there was no room for him at the h ? tel de londres