n. 名詞 = haji, hajji.


    1. El - hadji diouf is also missing on african nations cup duty with senegal

    2. Hadji murad was allowed to go riding in the neighborhood of the town provided that he went with a cossack escort

    3. " there were some serious incidents out there, steven gerrard stamping on nolan and sissoko stamping on el hadji diouf, " said allardyce

      「場上出現了一些嚴重犯規。傑拉德對諾蘭以及西索科對迪烏夫都有嚴重犯規動作。 」
    4. Bolton will be buoyed by the return of players from the african nations cup and are arranging a private jet to bring back el hadji diouf, abdoulaye faye and jay jay okocha after thursday ' s third fourth playoff between nigeria and senegal in egypt. " they will join the rest of the squad in london and prepare for what will be a massive game against arsenal, " allardyce told the club ' s website

      上個賽季在主教練阿萊戴斯率領下,博爾頓隊聯賽中在銳步體育場以1 : 0的比分讓「槍手」蒙羞而歸,接著在海布里球場他們又和對手打平,全身而退,保持上賽季對陣阿森納隊不敗戰績。
    5. Footballers were today urged to stop spitting because kids are copying them on our streets. and manchester united boss alex ferguson was singled out for spitting out his gum after matches. soccer fans said in a poll the grossest thing they had seen in a stadium was el - hadji diouf of bolton spitting at another player