happy land中文意思是什麼

happy land解釋

  • happy: adj 1 幸福的,幸運的。2 快樂的,愉快的。3 感到滿足的。4 巧妙的,恰當的;可喜的。5 〈口語〉有點醉...
  • land: n 1 陸地,地面。2 土地,田地;農田;〈pl 〉所有地,地產。3 國土,國,國家;領土;地方;(…的)世...

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  1. And israel and absalom camped in the land of gilead

  2. Thomas landattraction happy land of thomas and percy, doncun,

  3. It was now that i began sensibly to feel how much more happy this life i now led was, with all its miserable circumstances, than the wicked, cursed, abominable life i led all the past part of my days ; and now i chang d both my sorrows and my joys ; my very desires alter d, my affections chang d their gusts, land my delights were perfectly new, from what they were at my first coming, or indeed for the two years past

  4. Once, long ago in a land far away, there lived four little characters who ran through a maze looking for cheese to nourish them and make them happy

  5. I want to join your happy band and play all day in the promised land

    *我要加入你那歡快的樂隊* *在希望之鄉終日彈唱*