health advisory中文意思是什麼

health advisory解釋

  • health: n. 1. 健康;健康狀態;衛生。2. 昌盛,興旺;生命力。3. (祝健康的)乾杯。
  • advisory: adj. 1. 勸告的,忠告的。2. 顧問的,咨詢的。

※英文詞彙health advisory在字典百科英英字典中的解釋。

  1. The centre acts as a resource centre for health education and health promotion initiatives and provides advisory and consultancy services to projects initiated both locally and internationally

  2. With the travel advisory against non - essential travel to hong kong imposed by the world health organization ( who ) and the travel limitations on hong kong residents announced by some regions, hong kong s inbound and outbound tourism is experiencing an unprecedented impact

  3. Officers from the special preventive programme of the department of health staff the advisory council on aids secretariat

  4. The cover design comes from the champion design, created by mr chun kwok - wai, of the souvenir cover design competition jointly organised in april 2002 by hongkong post, the health, welfare and food bureau and the rehabilitation advisory committee

    紀念封由秦國威設計,是今年四月由香港郵政、 ?生福利及食物局和康復諮詢委員會合辦的紀念封封面設計比賽的冠軍作品。
  5. The development unit of the support services division answers occupational safety and health enquiries and provides advice to the public on statutory requirements, safety practices, etc. the safety and health advisory telephone service at 2559 2297 provides round - the - clock service ( with auto - recording outside office hours ) concerning safety and health at work

    支援服務科的發展組,解答有關職業安全及健康的查詢,並就法例的要求、安全實務等,向市民提供意見。其運作的職業安全及健康諮詢電話服務( 25592297 )更提供廿四小時(辦公時間以外自動錄音)工作安全和健康查詢。