hear our praises中文意思是什麼

hear our praises解釋

  • hear: vt 1 聽,聽見,聽取。2 得知,聞知,聽說。3 注意聽,傾聽;聽(課、歌劇等)。4 【法律】審問;聽(證...
  • our: pron 〈we 的所有格〉1 我們的。2 〈元首或英國教會主教用來代替 my〉我的。 our loyal subjects 我的忠...

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  1. Before our crew takes off here from hickam air force base and heads to whidbey island naval air station, we wanted to give you an opportunity to hear a few words from mission commander, lt. shane osborn

  2. You should hear mama on the chapter of governesses : mary and i have had, i should think, a dozen at least in our day ; half of them detestable and the rest ridiculous, and all incubi - were they not, mama

    我想,瑪麗和我小時候跟過至少一打家庭教師,一半讓人討厭,其餘的十分可笑,而個個都是妖魔是不是,媽媽? 」
  3. Did you hear ? our daughter. you and nina

  4. My lord, hear us, thou art a prince of god among us : bury thy dead in our principle sepulchers : and no man shall have power to hinder thee from burying thy dead in his sepulcher

  5. Sondra pransky : [ to sidney ] if you put our heads together, you ' ll hear a hollow noise