herring knot中文意思是什麼

herring knot解釋

  • herring: n (pl herrings 〈集合詞〉 herring) 鯡魚,?白魚。 a red herring = kippered herring 熏鯡魚。 as ...
  • knot: n 1 結,繩結,結節;(裝飾用的)花結,蝴蝶結。2 (婚姻等的)結合。3 (樹木或木材上的)節疤;(人...

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  1. They were all three standing in a knot in front of the altar.

  2. The boy was tied up inside in a knot of apprehension.

  3. I miss you. my love knot, like green bines tangling the tree, grows quickly under rain and dew of spring. it ' s you that are the ivy in my heart

  4. Scientists have discovered the tree mallow is choking puffin breeding sites on scottish islands and have warned that the plant could soon start killing off other seabirds, such as herring gulls and cormorants

    科學家發現花葵正在扼殺海雀在蘇格蘭離島上的繁殖地,並警告這種植物很快就會開始殺害其他的海鳥,如銀鷗和鸕? 。
  5. The trio went fishing that day for herring in a dory near portugal cove.