hook for pull out threads中文意思是什麼

hook for pull out threads解釋

  • hook: n 1 鉤;鐵鉤;吊鉤(=pothook);針鉤;鐮刀;〈俚語〉錨。2 圈套,陷阱。3 鉤狀物;河灣;鉤狀岬;【...
  • for: FOR f o r = free on rail 【商業】火車上交貨(價格)。1 〈表示目標、去向〉向,往。 leave [sail] f...
  • pull: vt 1 拉,拖,牽,曳 (opp push); 勒(馬)。2 拽住;扯破,扯開。3 拔去(雞等的)毛;拔(牙齒、瓶...
  • out: adv 1 〈位置及運動的方向〉向外,向外部;在外,在外部;出去,出外,離開;離岸,向海面;(船等)開...
  • threads: 發表主題共

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  1. I'm going down to the post-office and then pull out for the ranch.

  2. This kind of adglutinate mixed with u expansion admixture can grip anchor bolts tightly even underwater, as can be seen from the pull - out type tests for anchor bolts when the mortar age is over 10 days. ( 2 ) the author lays the supporting piles as a arched shape

  3. Keep forging ahead actively, adaptive capacity is strong, diligent and eager to learn knowledge, does solid work, responsible for seriously, too firm to pull out, bears hardships and stand hard work, sincere, there are stronger ability to organize and team spirit

  4. Wear well - ventilated shoes, such as cotton or leather shoes or sandals. once you have taken your shoes off for the day, loosen up the laces and pull out the tongue to allow them to dry out under the sun or in a well - ventilated area

  5. A current compensation method is presented and realized, which improve the pull - out performance at half - step mode in wider high frequency range for two phase hybrid stepping motors, and the usable horsepower of the system is also increased