hook foundry nail中文意思是什麼

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  • hook: n 1 鉤;鐵鉤;吊鉤(=pothook);針鉤;鐮刀;〈俚語〉錨。2 圈套,陷阱。3 鉤狀物;河灣;鉤狀岬;【...
  • foundry: n. 1. 鑄造,翻砂。2. 鑄工廠;玻璃(製造)廠;鑄工車間。
  • nail: n 1 指甲 爪;喙甲。2 釘。3 納爾〈舊量布尺度名 約合5 715cm〉。vt 1 敲釘 釘住 (on to)。2 〈口語〉...

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  2. Special hook design could help anesthetists to solve all kinds of difficult intubation operations. by utilizing light - guide fiber device, the new - style kang antai elbowed laryngoscope is more advanced and convenient

  3. Brother peasant : iron hook spear is one - side - edged or both - side - edged usually. if there ' s no edge, it may be possibly a barge pole

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