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  • hot: adj 1 熱的 (opp cold)。2 (味道)刺激性的,辣的,辛辣的;【打獵】野獸的氣味強烈的;(色彩)強烈...
  • air: n 1 空氣,大氣。2 天空,空中。3 微風,和風。4 態度,樣子,風度,氣派;〈pl 〉高傲的架子。5 傳播,...
  • dryer: n. =drier.

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  1. Russian hot air balloon flies over the golden crosses of the orthodox church during the annual international aerostatic championship at dmitrov, about 60 kilometers from moscow, 21 august 2004

  2. A heat treatment to composite membrane, preferred at a 70 hot air bath for 20 minutes can improve the salt resistance of the composite membrane

    對復合膜進行適當的熱處理可以進一步改善復合膜的脫鹽性能,以70熱空氣浴, 20min為宜。
  3. Hot air pipe

  4. Sterilization ; hot air sterilizers ; efficiency testing

  5. Our factory increase a set of intensifier with non - grade - adjustable rating speed to form the intensive air drying, the wet material mixed with hot air fully by screw feeder in the intensifier and material surface is crashed into fine granules and moving to the outlet as well as drying, under rapid rotating hitting and pushing. in the long run, the materials get a further even drying in the dryer pulled by the wind force and those wet and weighty granules the wind force can not pull continue to be crashed, dried until they are pulled by the wind force into the dryer