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  • macaw: n. 【鳥類】金剛鸚鵡。n. 【植物;植物學】美國棕櫚 (=macaw palm, macaw tree)。

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  1. A macaw is a parrot. i knew it

  2. Article 4 the employment of taiwan, hong kong or macaw citizens shall be subject to approval

  3. And she went to her desk at once and hung the black turban hat with the gold - green macaw wing in its accustomed place

  4. When a person from hong kong or macaw who engages in the private business in the mainland suspends or shuts down his businesses, he shall cancel the employment permit at the organ that originally issued the permit within 30 working days upon the suspension or shutdown

  5. Article 10 in case a person from hong kong or macaw engages in the private business in the mainland, he shall, upon the strength of household business license, his health certificate and effective travel permit, apply to the local administrative department of labor and social security at the prefecture ( municipal ) level for an employment permit