hypocone shelf中文意思是什麼

hypocone shelf解釋

  • hypocone: 次尖
  • shelf: n (pl shelves )1 擱架;擱料架;擱板。2 沙洲;暗礁。3 格;層。4 【礦物】平層;錫沙礦基巖;【航海...

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  1. He reached down the atlas from the top shelf

  2. From the late middle ordovician to the end of ordovician, the cephalopods, gastropods and corals in the erlangping trough, and the conodonts, coral, brachiopods, cephalopods as well as trilobites in the xichuan shelf were from the north china province

  3. In the third part, a comprehensive check experiment was made on percolation irrigation and furrow irrigation : the percolation irrigation is superior to the furrow irrigation for such advantages as saving water, saving energy, increasing production, raising air temperature and ground temperature inside the shelf, lowering air humidity inside the shelf and reducing plights, and ect

  4. Then he stumbled upon gayley s " classic myths " and bulfinch s " age of fable, " side by side on a library shelf. it was illumination, a great light in the darkness of his ignorance, and he read poetry more avidly than ever

  5. The water above the continental shelf is moved by the tides and by estuarine currents.