adj. 形容詞 由治療引起的〈尤指由醫生的話引起病人的臆測性癥候〉。

    1. Severe consequence of iatrogenic bile duct injuries

    2. Urinary bladder calculi are rarely seen in women and any history of previous pelvic surgery must, therefore, raise suspicion of an iatrogenic etiology

    3. Sword swallowers run a higher risk of injury when they are distracted or adding embellishments to their performance, but injured performers have a better prognosis than patients who suffer iatrogenic perforation

    4. Methods retrospective review of 71 patients with cardiac injury was carried out including 21 blunt wounds, 40 penetrating wounds and 10 iatrogenic wounds. conservative therapy was performed on 8 myocardial contusions, 2 hemopericardiums, 2 small metal foreign bodies retention in myocardium and also 2 cardiac tamponades with iatrogenic left atrium perforation. the acute or delayed thoracotomies for repairing cardiac lesion according to the injury condition were performed in remainders

      方法對21例鈍性心臟傷、 40例穿透傷和10例醫源性損傷的臨床資料進行了回顧性分析;全組除心肌挫傷8例,血心包、心臟細小金屬異物和醫源性左心房穿透傷導致急性心包填塞各2例行保守治療外,其餘病例均根據心臟損傷情況,分別進行了急癥或延遲性開胸手術,修復心臟損傷。
    5. Objective : to improve diagnosis and therapy of pseudoaneurysm by retrospectively discussing and analyzing of patients with pseudoaneurysm. methods : the curative effects in 30 patients with pseudoaneurysm from 2003 to 2006 treated in our department were retrospectively addictive drugs and iatrogenic false