adj. 形容詞 醫學的,醫療的,醫生的,藥物的。


    1. The iatrical ultrasonic is about 1 - 15mhz at present, which generated by piezoelectricity crystal at the function of alternant electric field

      目前,醫用超聲波的范圍多在1 15mhz ,是由壓電晶體在交變電場作用下發生機械振動而產生。
    2. The product is made of imported fda standard iatrical silica gel complex material. it is innocuous, odourless, without side effects, and being felt soft and non - eyewinker in use

      採用進口fda級醫用硅膠復合材料製成,無毒、無味、無副作用。 3 、止鼾器兩側加設導氣槽,使呼吸更暢順,並利用空氣動力學原理便止鼾器貼緊鼻中隔。
    3. Attend farmer of iatrical of new - style country collaboration to be able to get policy of medical treatment of new - style country collaboration stipulates the primary medical treatment inside is ensured

    4. Pass diagnostic cure namely, can enjoy treatment of inductrial injury medical treatment according to the 29th regulation ; need suspends the job accepting inductrial injury iatrical, enjoy shutdown to leave firewood to expect to encounter ; need configures auxiliary appliance, can configure according to the regulation, what need charge to stipulate according to the country the standard pays from fund of inductrial injury insurance

    5. To realize the technical skipping in pharmaceutical products of china, based on the imbalance of development theory, point out the preferential development industry by ahp : iatrical appliance industry, chemical industry, chinese traditional medicine, biological medicine