n. 名詞 【礦物】鈦鐵礦。


    1. Test research of separating coarse ilmenite with zy collector

    2. Ilmenite type electrode which property and description are as same as j502

      鈦鐵礦型藥皮焊條,性能及用途同j502 。
    3. Reduced ilmenite description

    4. Ilmenite is an iron titanium ore that earth and the moon have in common. mls - 1a is made from billion - year - old basalt found on the north shore of lake superior and mixed with glass particles that simulate the composition of the lunar soil

      鈦鐵礦在地球和月球均普遍存在,而mls - la是仿照月球土壤成份把蘇必略湖北岸數以億年的玄武巖和玻璃顆粒混合而成。
    5. The reduction of ilmenite is one of the key steps of preparation of ti ( c, n ) reinforced iron - based composites by carbothermic reduction. the investigation on the thermodynamics and reaction mechanism of redution has its practical and theoretical value on the stipulation on the process conditions of ti ( c, n ) reinforced iron - based composites

      鈦鐵礦的還原過程是碳熱還原制備鐵基ti ( c , n )增強復合材料的關鍵步驟之一,對還原過程的熱力學和反應機理進行研究對制定鐵基ti ( c , n )增強復合材料工藝條件具有重要的現實意義和理論價值。