音標 ['influəns]
n. 名詞 1. 影響,感化 (on; upon)。
2. 勢力,權勢。
3. 有影響的人物[事物],有權勢的人。
4. 感應。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 影響。
2. 感化;左右,改變。
3. 〈委婉語〉賄賂,運動,收買。
4. 〈美口〉加(酒)于飲料中。


    1. Tentatively it can be suggested that this is the main influence upon those who urge the abolition of capital punishment.

    2. The methods of the abomasums treatment suggested that the freezing method had least influence on milk - clotting activity, while the salting air - drying and natural air - drying went to another extreme

    3. Influence of acceding to wto upon natural gas industry in china

    4. Beryllium powders with the same particle size and various contents of beo were prepared by pre - sintering - acid washing processes initiatively and the influence of beo alone on o mys of beryllium was observed and some new results have been obtained - compared with the content of beo, the distribution of beo in beryllium has more critical influence on mys ; finely dispersed beo along the grain boundaries and in the matrix results in the dispersion strengthening of beryllium matrix and thereby the higher mys value ; on the contrary, the coarser beo particles clustering on the grain boundaries results in negative influence on o mys

      開創性地用預燒結? ?酸洗工藝制備了相同粒度、不同beo含量的鈹粉,從而開展了beo含量單獨對鈹材_ ( mys )影響的研究,得出一些新的結果:與beo含量相比, beo在鈹中的分佈狀態對_ ( mys )的影響更大。沿晶界、晶內彌散分佈的較細小beo對基體鈹有彌散強化作用,使_ ( mys )即較高;如果beo較粗大地成簇狀聚集在晶界,反而對_ ( mys )有不良的影響。
    5. This thesis tries to solve the problems in the design and construction of jinping cascade 2 hydropower station. a typical section is selected to analysis seepage, seepage control and fem numerical simulation. the influence of different plans of excavation and support on seepage field of subsurface water and stability of adjoining rock are studied. the homologous support pattern is suggested according to the research results