inspection and maintenance openings中文意思是什麼

inspection and maintenance openings解釋

  • inspection: n. 1. 檢查,檢驗;審查。2. 檢閱,視察;參觀。
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • maintenance: n. 1. 保持,維持,保養;保管,保存,維護,維修;繼續;支持的手段。2. 堅持;主張;擁護,支持。3. 扶養,供給;生活,生計。4. 【法律】對訴訟一方的非法援助;依法應負的對他人的贍養義務。
  • openings: 走向世界

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  1. Reliability of valve operation affects service life and ease of inspection and maintenance

  2. In charge of daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment and the accessories ; ensure them to be in perfect condition and. minimize the failure

  3. Transportable gas cylinders - inspection and maintenance of cylinder valves at time of periodic inspection of gas cylinders

  4. Due to the mechanism of the aircraft, the testing equipments are always expensive and inadequate for maintenance. therefore, it is difficult to do the regular inspection and maintenance. consequently, the regular flight and training program cannot be ensured

  5. Practice for installation, inspection, and maintenance of value body pressure relief methods for geothermal and other high - temperature applications