音標 ['intə(:)ˌfeis]
n. 名詞 分界面,兩個獨立體系的相交處。
vt. 及物動詞 (-faced, -facing) 把界面縫合。
vi. 不及物動詞 交流,交談。


    1. Secondly the major mechanisms of degeneration of pcss are caused by both the filamentary nature of the current in high - gain pcss damage to the chip of the switch and the charge domain reached the anticathode causes the erosion of metal interface

    2. Perfect pre - processing and post - processing function is one of the main factors to evaluate the vitality and market value of the finite element analysis system surveying today development of finite element analysis technology, most of which concentrate on establishing fine user interface, also has some limitation on application, and especially, the research on the visualization of arbitrary cut - plane is always in ascendants to realize the visual processing on cut - plane needs reprocessing the results of finite element analysis which have get, so the algorithm is two parts : seeking the physical value of cut - plane and drawing 2d contours, the former, based on the theory of stress on " arbitrary inclined plane " in physical mechanics, use the method of linear interpolation method to get the coordination and physical value of intersection between cut - plane and element arris ; the latter, based on the tables on elements, nodes, stress and strain, summarize a rapid algorithm of generating 2d contours based on the grid. this thesis synthesizes there two parts and get a visual processing program under fortran

    3. The serial ata interface was designed with the enterprise in mind

      Serial ata介面以企業為設計宗旨:
    4. Abstract : for analyzing the residual stress distributing state within the weld joint, and its effect on the performance of welding structure, when welding the ferrite pearlite steel with the austenite steel, this paper develops a finite element program to compute the interface stress of two or over two material. finally, this program is used to analyze the mechanical behavior of heterogenic joint

    5. Igts is by means of normalized designing of torpedo ' s main model, standardized and visualized designing of interface, and backing of database technology. the integrated and automatized function of modeling, simulation and statistic comes true in igts