interorder distance中文意思是什麼

interorder distance解釋

  • distance: n 1 距離,路程。2 遠隔,遠離;遠處,遠方。3 (時間的)間隔,長遠,長久。4 懸殊。5 隔閡,疏遠。6 ...

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  1. Would you be able to hear at such a distance ?

  2. Meetings at new york and chicago of the american institute of electrical engineers ( aiee ) are linked by long distance lines connected to loudspeakers so that both meetings could follow the same program ( 14 february )

    2月14日,在紐約和芝加哥舉行的美國電子工程師協會( aiee )會議,通過長途電話線連接兩端的擴音器,以使兩地會議能夠按議程同步進行。
  3. Weiss kessel anlagen maschinenbau gmbh is well - known not only in dillenburg with silos of steel, vertical - tube radiant boilers and boiler plants as well as with long - distance heating plants, dust extracting installations and combustion chamber boiler, but also with further offers, like thermal oil, heat plants and / or mechanical boiler furnaces, air and dust extraction technology and steam boilers and steam generators

    Weiss kessel anlagen maschinenbau gmbh是一家生產不同尺寸燃燒室,除塵裝置,遠程供熱裝置,鍋爐設備,熱油,鋼板結構青貯塔,立管鍋爐,熱設備,蒸氣鍋爐和蒸氣機,機械燃燒鍋爐,空氣-除塵技術的企業。
  4. Abstract : the paper emphasizes on exoatmospheric antimissile missile rapid reaiming problem, and according to pontryagin ' s maximum principle the optimal control law in the conditions of long miss distance and long elimination time is presented

  5. We approximated the distance at 100 miles.