investment guarantee中文意思是什麼

investment guarantee解釋

  • investment: n. 1. 投資;投資額;(時間、資本等的)投入;投入資金的東西。2. 授職(儀式);授權。3. 包圍,封鎖。4. 覆蓋。
  • guarantee: n. 1. 保證,擔保。2. 保證人〈法律上用 guarantor〉。3. 接受保證的人。4. 抵押品,擔保物。vt. 1. 保證,擔保。2. 〈口語〉包,管保。

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  1. The tianjin huanhai union investment ( group ) the limited company, is buys stock the creation modernized multiplication enterprise by link bohai sea area many big financial groups and the correlation cartel investment, already developed the chengji to invest, industries and so on financial guarantee, real estate, energy development, international trade and science and technology in a body group company, was like bohai sea enterprise cooperation promotion agency vice - chairman unit

  2. When the indian opportunity is approaching, made in china association has built the docking platform, there are our " sino - india trade never ending gallery ", the administrative body as well as the investment guarantee that is on construction, which can help the enterprises to deal with the extra worries

    當印度機遇來臨時,今天的中國製造廠商協會已搭好了對接的平臺,那裡有我們「中印貿易永不落幕展廳」 ,有辦事機構,還有正在建立的投資擔保,定能夠幫助企業解決后顧之憂。
  3. Investment join danger is sure to provide investment function more than share out bonus, its insurance profit level guarantee slip and the investment outstanding achievement that invest account independently are contacted directly, the insurance cost that capture pays is ensured through buying insurance except fraction outside, the unit of investment in the independent account that others establishs by insurance company through buying and enter investment account

  4. Multilateral investment guarantee agency

  5. The internal operating mechanisms such as investment guarantee, management cooperation and development control on which colleges run by the non - governmental sectors depend for existence are put forth